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A simple and flexible way to increase your income

Work when you want, where you want. With GoRush, you can choose your own schedule and put your skills to work to earn extra money!

Paid quickly

GoRush connects you with clients who need a service. With your skills, you can now register as an operator and receive money from the client.


You are not responsible to GoRush in any way. You create your own schedule, when and where you want. No more fixed schedules, enjoy a flexible schedule with GoRush.

Easy to use

GoRush is responsible for billing, customer service, and advertising. Look no further, GoRush is here to help.

How to make money with GoRush

  • Create an account

    Once you have created your GoRush account, go to the profile section to sign up as a worker.

  • Choose your services

    Once you are a worker, you can choose which service(s) you want to do.

  • Accept jobs

    You will receive service requests that you can accept.

  • Get paid

    Once you have completed your work, you will receive the amount within 7 days.

“The app allows me to have a little extra with my business. It’s nice to be able to add work whenever I want to my schedule. It’s a great experience using this app”

Sam – GoRush Worker since 2021

A wide selection of services

Lawn mowing

Pool opening

Pool cleaning

Gutter cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to know how I am paid?

When you finish a job, the money will be automatically deposited into your bank account that you have registered in your profile. The money will be deposited into your account 7 days later.

I am a worker and cannot show up for the job I accepted. What to do?

It is possible to cancel or refuse a job already accepted in your work file.

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